✨Action Plan

Stage One: FlappyMoonbird launch, social community establishment, SDK and game development

Players link their own wallets and play as birds with NFT held, and the blue chip NFTs enjoy the output bonus. The game can be played on the H5 lightweight page in various social software.

Stage Two: Genesis Birds NFT

Genesis Birds NFT launch. Holders can enjoy more rights and benefits.

Stage Three: Flappy Clash

Flappy CLASH is a TCG game that focuses on randomness and competition.

Stage Four: Birdnopoly

Birdnopoly is an athletic casual game. Players can battle online and get rewards.

Stage Five: Casual Game Metaverse

The casual game metaverse is a decentralised digital game world that allows users to enjoy ownership and autonomy without constraints.

When the creators and user bases are large enough, we will launch a comprehensive web3 casual game platform connecting excellent casual games to establish the metaverse of playgrounds and arenas.

Users will be granted an immersive experience and freely shuttle between the physical world and the digital world any time. The indispensable investment and trading systems will also have a positive impact on users' financial conditions in real life.

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