💰Stake NFT pets you own into the mines then can earn $CLASH/SILVER.

In Flappy CLASH, you can also mine using the NFT pets you own. You only need to stake your NFT pets into the mine to get substantial earnings $CLASH/SILVER.

We've also designed some special mechanics to make stake mining even more fun. For example, the rarity of your NFT pet not only affects your mining profit but also affects other people's mining profit. The rarer the NFT pet, the higher the reward you will get when mining.

🔮Mines are divided into three levels: JUNIOR, INTERMEDIATE and PREMIUM. JUNIOR mine produce silver, INTERMEDIATE and PREMIUM mines produce $CLASH. To enter a mine, you need to consume lamps, and the number of lamps you need to consume varies from mine to mine.

🔮Due to being in a dark mine, both sides cannot see the NFTs pledged and props carried by the other side, and can only identify the other side through their own judgement, and this design will generate a lot of gaming events.

  • When enter the mine, you will be matched with another player to mine in a team.

  • At the same time, before entering the mine, you can consume a certain amount of $CLASH or silver coins to buy portable props, props will provide different attribute bonuses in the game.

  • PICKAXE: MINING EFFICIENCY+50%, effective from entering the mine

  • KNIFE: ATTACK+20%, effective during the attack event

  • SHIELD: ENEMY'S ATTACK-30%, but your MINING EFFICIENCY-20%, effective during the attack event

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