Free-to-Play:The game is open to all players, just one click to register the game with email/wallet (currently supported Metamask, OKX Wallet and Bybit Wallet)

  • In the FlappyMoonbird, players navigate their bird to fly and avoid obstacles; if the bird hits an obstacle, game is over. Every time the bird flies over an obstacle, the player gets a point. Users get 20, 35, 66 points to claim egg assets, and open them for $FMB, fragments and treasure boxes.

  • Racing Birds: After getting some $FMBs in the FlappyMoonbird game, users will be able to play in Racing Birds. You may earn up to 1000 times $FMB you stake on one single game round within 3 minutes.

Leaderboard:The top 10 players on the daily leaderboard will get $FMB, and there are many incentive activities, please keep an eye on Flappy Moonbird’s community and twitter.

Racing to earn:Players can pay $FMB to play the Racing Birds game to earn $FMB, eggs assets.

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