Game link: https://flappymoonbird.xyz/

Players navigate the flappymoonbird through woodblocks(obstacles). Fly through 1 woodblock=1 level

FlappyMoonbird is a H5 lightweight page can be opened directly in a variety of social software, such as Line, Whatsapp, Wechat and other platforms, players enjoy the game anywhere anytime.

Flying through 20 levels will reward you with fragments.

Flying through 35 levels will reward you with fragments, $FMB, or both.

Flying through 66 levels will reward you fragments, $FMB, a Mystery box, or any combination of two or three.

By playing FlappyMoonbird, you can earn up to 2000 $FMB rewards per day.

"Receive 0/10" indicates that you haven't received any rewards today, and you still have 10 more opportunities to receive them.

How to play:

  1. Visit official website: https://flappymoonbird.xyz/

  2. Login with your metamask/bybit wallet or email address to play for free.Players just need to use either wallet or email to sign up and play.

  3. Claim reward will require players to verify both email and wallet to do so.

There will be more interesting events and gameplays as well, for example: players will be able to use the NFTs in their wallets to dress the image that plays the game.

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